What We Do

Apply For Assistance

Eligibility For Assistance

Komak’s eligibility process commences when an individual is referred to our organization, usually through a community service organization or their doctor. If you believe your are eligible for our service, please connect with your local social worker to assist you in applying for this support.

To be considered for our services, applicants must demonstrate that:

  • You or someone in your immediate family has cancer and are undergoing treatment.
  • You are unable to work full or part time and experiencing a financial hardship.
  • You have a definable gap (This means a person’s expenses exceed their income).
  • You live in the Portland metro area.  This includes those who reside within a 50-mile radius of Portland.
  • You have financial savings from any source not in excess of $20,000.  This includes a 401K and any other investments.
  • Prospective clients must complete a thorough and confidential eligibility application, which includes questions about employment, monthly income and expenses, household assets and other sources of assistance.

The Board reviews each applicant’s case, often conducting a phone interview and in-person interview before making a final decision on eligibility.

Komak’s Process

Through a careful and exhaustive application and interview process, Komak determines eligibility for its assistance and then takes steps to help meet the most immediate needs of cancer patients and their families.

Prospective clients complete an application. Detailed questions are asked about employment, monthly income and expenses, household assets, and other sources of assistance.

  • A member of the Komak Board of Directors then telephones the potential client to answer any questions that were missed or incomplete.
  • Two Komak Board Members conduct a home visit to
  • Review expenses
  • See copies of bills
  • Ascertain other significant facts about the patient’s needs
  • Finally, the complete package of information is reviewed by the Board of Directors and voted on. If a client is accepted for assistance Komak pays bills directly–no cash is given to clients