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Eastside Scrappers Quilting Group Crafts from the Heart for Komak

"Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has."  - Margaret Mead, Anthropologist

When Eastside Scrappers member Carole Seubert, learned about KOMAK's mission and its annual fundraising auction in 2023 from Komak board member Lesley Valentine, her very first impulse was to share the information with her fellow quilters. After attending the art show a few months later, Seubert noted that while there was a lot of great art being offered, there were not quilts displayed.  Seubert's second impulse was to propose that the quilting group create a quilt that they would contribute to the next Komak fundraiser. 

For more than a dozen years the group, whose members originally connected through their participation in the Portland Modern Quilt Guild, have crafted and donated scores of quilts to metro area and regional charities.  What especially piqued the Scrappers' Interest in supporting KOMAK was how each of its members' lives can bear witness to the need for an organization that does what KOMAK does. From personal diagnoses to the loss of loved ones, each Scrapper has an up-close and personal connection to the havoc Cancer can cause.

The group quickly agreed on a pattern and then each member set about working on their own to piece several blocks. Scrappers then came together to organize the more than 144 blocks into a design and then stitched the blocks together into multiple rows. Members Joy Ruplinger, Marjorie Eliot and Cris Pera worked to create the quilt back and then complete the top by sewing the rows together. Professional long-arm quilter Jolene Knight used her talents to quilt the top and, finally, the binding was stitched on by Marjorie Eliot. 


This beautiful handmade quilt will be on auction at the 2024 Komak Persian Dinner

 The quilt is dated and signed on the back by each Scrapper ❤️