Komak client Jesus and his family

The Cancer Discovery

In 2018 Jesus and Asusena had been together close to 12 years. They rented a mobile home, Jesus was working full time which allowed Asusena the ability to stay at home with their 2 daughters, Melissa 8 and Sofia 2. They were slowly saving money for their future.

One day Jesus fell at work which led to back pain. He struggled with pain for a few months, seeing his MD and working with a physical therapist. His pain continued and he sought the help of a chiropractor, which led to an MRI, which led to his diagnosis of cancer.

Treaments & Assistance

Thus, began the battery of tests which eventually confirmed Testicular cancer. He had surgery to remove the tumor. He then began chemotherapy treatments which was initially only 3 rounds of treatment, but the scan also showed a tumor close to his spine and a fourth round of treatment was given to achieve the best chance of survival.

During this time period, Komak became involved as Jesus was unable to work and Asusena was his main caregiver and their savings were almost gone. Komak helped with 3 months of support from June through August, paying rent, phone, and utilities. September found Jesus back at work with a planned MRI in 3 months to evaluate his response and assess the tumor near the spine. Jesus was getting stronger; his hair was returning, and life was starting to normalize again.

Fast forward to December and the tumor near the spine had responded enough to risk its surgical removal. Late December he underwent a 15-hour surgery and his recovery was going well, but he was unable to work for 8 weeks during this recovery period.

A Bright Future

Jesus and Asusena reached out to Komak for further assistance, Komak was able to cover rent and utilities for January and February of 2019.

Jesus has returned to work full time, he still has some pain from the surgery, but overall his strength is returning and is very happy to have a full head of hair. His life and life with his family is now moving forward.

He is very grateful that Komak kept him and his family safe during their struggles.