The Komak Stewardship Council provides an internal system of checks and balances for the organization, so that the power of the Board of Directors is not unlimited and so that the Board of Directors can be held accountable for how well it follows and accomplishes the organization’s tax-exempt mission.

Responsibilities of the Komak Stewardship Council include:

  • Election and removal of the members of the Board of Directors of Komak
  • Reviewing reports from the Komak Board of Directors, officers and staff concerning the activities, management and budget of the corporation

Katrenka Rember MD | Steward | Chair

Katrenka Rember MD

Katrenka Rember MD is a family physician in private practice since 1990. In addition to being a cancer survivor, she was the caregiver for her fiancé Hamid, who died of cancer in 2007, and for her father who died of cancer in 2011.

This places her in the unique position to understand not only the medical issues and rigors of treatment, but also the emotional and financial impact on cancer patients and their families.  Dr. Rember is a Komak Founder. She has served on the Stewardship Council since the inception of Komak.  She served as a Komak Board Member from 2009-2011.  She continues to be an advisor to the Komak Board as well as liaison between the Komak board and the Komak Stewardship Council.

Dr. Rember currently practices family medicine in Portland, Oregon.  She is a co-founder of Law Partners, a cooperative support group at Willamette University, College of Law.  She has experience in management and administration, public speaking and has received awards in teaching

Nasi Greenstein | Steward

Nasi has a background in fashion design and held fashion shows for six years to raise funds to help a variety of organizations treat patients with cancer and other serious illnesses.  She has volunteered with hospice organizations locally for more than three years, working primarily with AIDS and cancer patients.  Nasi hosted a large fundraising event to raise funds for a terminal cancer patient faced with medical costs not covered by insurance. This experience inspired her to co-found Komak.

Shoeleh Moarefi | Steward

Shoeleh is the sister of Hamid in whose memory this foundation was formed.  Shoeleh is the founder and CEO of Floral Fantasy in Stoughton, Massachusetts.  Shoeleh is an active volunteer in her community and with non-profit organizations in the South Shore Massachusetts.

Rosemary McDermott | Steward

Rosemary is a nurse and has been in the field of oncology for over 37 years. She has worked in Legacy Good Samaritan’s Oncology inpatient units, outpatient clinics. She worked as a Nurse Coordinator at Cancer Care Resources, a non-profit providing informational, referral, counseling and guidance for cancer patients. She now works at Compass Oncology the Northwest Cancer Specialists clinics as a patient education and community outreach coordinator. Rosemary has seen first-hand the effects cancer and its treatments can have on her clients.  She appreciates the role Komak has played in assisting patients over the past few years, and when asked to be on the Board she seized the opportunity to be a support to Komak and the patients it serves.

Lisa Wisler | Steward

Lisa is a former elementary teacher with over 15 years in the classroom. While teaching, she also did volunteer work with various national and community non-profit organizations. After leaving the field of education, Lisa worked as the Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator for Cancer Care Resources, a local non-profit assisting families and individuals affected by cancer. These past opportunities have provided Lisa with a great deal of experience in non-profit management. She is thankful for the opportunity to be involved with Komak.  She sees this work as a way to honor loved ones that have faced the battle against cancer.